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Unroyal Ink

Meet Ian Griffith, owner of Unroyal Ink Tattoo Studio. Ian began his career in his house at 22 years old. Self-taught, gradually perfecting his craft of black and white realism tattoos. Over the past 5 years, Ian has gathered a team of extremely talented individuals to join him in his vision of his own tattoo shop, which resides in Farmingdale, New Jersey. With consistent hard work and vision, Ian has risen into the spotlight, and today, his studio draws all demographics into the store to get artwork by the experienced group of artists.

Unroyal Ink prides themselves for being knowledgable and skilled but also courteous and accommodating. They provide a top of the line experience in a unique and modern atmosphere. With a clean environment, quality materials and sterile equipment, Unroyal Ink leaves you with an everlasting memory after every session.

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5006 NJ-33, Farmingdale,

NJ 07727

Tel: 732-256-9433

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